The Superior ROP Safety Net Solution

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Schedule Using AAP Guidelines

Automatically schedules the first ROP exam according to AAP guidelines or your own customized criteria. Decision support based on guidelines is also included for follow up exams and discharge.

Document and Print Exam

Allows you to draw the eye vessels using color and document the exam just as easily as if you were using paper. Afterwards you can print as many copies of the exam summary as you need.

Billing and Reports

Enter the billing for your exam and include the billing codes on the printable full consult report. Generating reports such as the one used by the Vermont Oxford Network has never been easier.

Schedule, Document, Bill, and Transfer ROP Patients

ROP Check is proven to be the best and most convenient patient care model for ROP.


Perfect (100%) execution for babies meeting criteria for an exam in > 100 patients. This compares to a benchmark standard of 66%-73% in the Vermont Oxford Network.


Capture of an additional 50% of patients using AAP criteria that captures infants 31-32 weeks gestation that are at risk for ROP because of prolonged oxygen need or respiratory illness. This includes 2% of such babies that may need treatment based on our data.


No patient discharged in the last 2 years without documented follow-up and without knowledge of the examining ophthalmologist. This includes a single infant needing laser treatment after discharge.

Designed for Risk Mitigation

  • Ensures No Missed First Exams
  • Reduces the Risk of Litigation
  • Decision Support Based on AAP Guidelines
  • No Missed or Late Exams
  • No Patients Discharged Without Follow Up
  • Facilitations Communication Between Doctors
  • Printable Reports for Parents
  • Automated Follow Up
  • Exam Record Follows Patient Always

Convenient, Time Saving Features

  • Improves Speed of Workflow
  • Instant Retrieval of Previous Exams
  • Draw the Eye Vessels Directly Into Software
  • Enter and Print Billing After Exam
  • Real Time Reporting, Including VON
  • Printable Reports for Parents
  • Automated Follow Up
  • Mac or PC Notebooks and Tablets (Surface yes, IPad no)

ROP Specialists Prefer Using ROP Check Over Any Other Protocol!

Offering ROP services to a NICU has never been easier or less risky!